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Tim Shields, founder of

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FREE download: Sales funnels like this one make me 7 figures per year in sales from a business where I teach people how to do a hobby.  I am going to give you this sales funnel for free.  Yes, actually get THIS eight-page funnel you are looking at right now!  I'll even give you instructions to show you how to drop in your own images and text so you can start using it in the next 15 minutes in your new trial Clickfunnels account.  Sign up now and download it instantly.  Instructions are on the next page.
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This is how to grow your email list and generate profits:
Now you can do all this:
  • Give away a free product
  • Collect emails and build your list
  •  Convert visitors into buyers
  •  Upsell visitors with a paid product
  • Downsell with a 2nd paid product!
  • ​Grow your list for free and make a profit!
  • ​Start customizing your funnel in 15 minutes!

Your new 8-page sales funnel works like this:

Convert visitors into paying customers with these 8 pages

  • Page 1: Give away your free product & collect emails on the optin page.
  • Page 2: Convert visitors into customers with a paid product on the sales page.
  • Page 3: Get paid on the order form.  
  • Page 4:  Upsell your customers with a second paid product.  This is where the money is made!
  • Page 5:  Downsell your customer with a less expensive product.
  • ​​Page 6:  Confirm the order and show customers how to access their products.
  • Page 7:  Membership login page.  Only paying customers see this page.
  • Page 8:  Membership-only page to view course material and access digital downloads.

Optimized for mobile AND desktop

Half your visitors are on mobile devices.  Is your website optimized for mobile sales?

  • Optimized for phone screens
  • ​Optimized for tablet screens
  • ​Optimized for laptop and desktop screens
  • ​Optimized to maximize sales to generate profit
  • ​Otimized to build your email list by gathering leads

Start now!  Build your email list, sell a product, upsell with a second product and downsell with a third product.  This is how serious profit is generated.

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